Friday, August 12, 2011

Jacquez Torres Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies review

My cousin is visiting from New York, and she brought me a Jacquez Torres dark chocolate chip cookies.  No wonder that she is my favorite cousin!!  And apparently, J.T.'s cookie is the best in New York.  With that reputation, I definitely need to give it a try.  
If you like chocolate, this cookie will definitely satisfy your cravings.  It was so chocolaty, with about 70% of the cookie occupied with dark chocolate.  As you break it in your hands, you can see the layers of chocolates inside the cookie, like marble.  J.T. did not use chocolate chips, but chocolate disks apparently, so you see the layers of chocolates throughout the cookie.  The cookie I received had lots of chocolate oozed out of the cookie.... need to say more.
The texture of the cookie was on the hard and crumbly side.  I personally preferred soft and chewy cookies, so the texture was not quite for me.  But the cookie was very rich, and you can definitely taste the butter inside it.  The cookie itself was not too sweet, and had a very nice balance of flavor.  The chocolate has very strong chocolate flavor and aroma, and really stood out in the cookies.  I may not give it the title of the best, but it is definitely worth trying.  

I give it a 8 out of 10.

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