Friday, December 9, 2011

Best of 2011 - Ritter Sport Limited Edition Chocolate Review

I said "Best of 2011" because it IS the best of 2011.  This flavor is the 2011 limited edition flavor by Ritter Sport, along with two other chocolate flavors which you can find in my previous posts.  This flavor is the most interesting out of all three of them.  It is a white chocolate with peach-passion fruit-yogurt filling.  Yes, I know, it sounds weird, and I got that from everyone that I talked to.  I bought it for two reasons: one, it is from Ritter Sport, which so far they haven't failed me; two, it contains passion fruit, which is one of my favorite fruit flavors of all time.  Americans however, don't know what passion fruit is, and can't somehow appreciate the purely awesome deliciousness of passion fruit.  So, of course I have to try this.  
Peach and passion fruit and yogurt seemed like a weird combination with chocolate, but let's not forget, it is with white chocolate.  White chocolate only has cocoa butter, which is the fat from the cocoa beans, which is basically tasteless.  White chocolate is basically made with cocoa butter, vanilla, sugar, and cream.  So really, it is very versatile, especially with fruity flavors.  And it worked out so perfectly with the peach and passion fruit.  The aroma of sweet peach and tropical passion fruit conquered me even before I took a bite.  The flavors of the fruits complimented the white chocolate, and harmonized in my mouth.  The combined flavors just burst in my mouth, and as described by one of my friend, a "festival in your mouth".  I personally do not like white chocolate all that much, but this one really worked out perfectly.  If you are looking for chocolate perfection, this is it. Hurry and get some, because 2011 is almost over, and they may not keep this flavor next year!!

I give it a 10 out of 10.  

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