Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trade Jacques Macarons, New Packaging, New Flavors

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Yes, I know, I shop at Trade Joe's a lot.  What can I do?  It is 3 minutes away from my house.  Every body chill.  
I reviewed their macarons last time.  But they came out with a new packaging, with three new flavors: coconut, figs and apricot.  I am not a big fan of coconuts, so I am going to skip that and feed it to my dog (Just Kidding!!!).  Reviewed so many macarons, apricot and figs are definitely the most unusual flavors so far.  The apricot one has a gooey, gelatinous center, with a subtle yet distinct apricot flavor.  And as a good macaron should have, a thin and crisp outer crust but soft and slightly chewy inside.  Very very delicious. 
Figs macaron, on the other hand, definitely figgy.  Although, figs itself do not have a very strong and distinct aroma.  There are edible figs seeds in the fillings, which is a very nice touch.  But overall, it is overly sweet.  Overwhelming sweetness made me not wanting another.  Oh well...
Last time, the salted caramel was a disappointment.  This time, Trader Joe's has redeemed itself.  The salted caramel is very salted caramel.  The rich caramel with the slight salty flavor together with the delicious shell, very satisfied.  The pistachio macaron is also better.  Instead of the very artificial flavor like pistachio flavors tend to have, this time, the flavor is nice and rich, but very natural.  You can taste the delicious roasted pistachio flavor and the nuttiness.  

I give it a 8 out of 10.

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