Saturday, March 26, 2011

Haagen Dazs New Limited Edition (Feb - Dec)

Haagen Dazs has been having limited edition flavors every year.  Last year, they were Banana Foster, Almond Amaretto, Midnight Cookies and Cream.  This year, they are Blueberry Crumble, Sweet Chai Latte, and Caramel Apple Pie.  What has happened in the past years was that the most popular flavor will be kept, and become a regular in the Haagen Dazs family.  I have tried all three of the new flavors, and wanted to share some reviews with you. 

Blueberry Crumble:
it is a nice flavor.  Blueberry ice cream base, with crumbles inside, which gives that nice crunch and texture.  The blueberry ice cream has the strong blueberry flavor, with a rich dark purple color, but not overwhelmingly sweet. 

Sweet Chai Latte: 
If you like Chai Lattes, you will love this flavor.  Basically, it is like tasting a iced chai latte.  Sweet, rich, and hint of Chai tea's unique aroma, it is everything that you could imagine in a decadent Chai latte.  I am not personally a big fan of Chai tea, but the ice cream does not have an overpowered Chai flavor.  Rather, it is milder, and more acceptable.  

Caramel Apple Pie:
Sweet and rich caramel ice cream with baked cinnamon apples, just what you will expect from an apple pie.  Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of apple pie, so this is my least favorite.  The ice cream is also too sweet, and too much cinnamon.  Apparently, this was also my friends' least favorite, because this one was eaten the least when I shared with my friends.  

Take this review as a grain of salt, and when you have a chance, definitely try out these new flavors. 

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