Saturday, May 18, 2013

My New Guilty Pleasure

I saw this on the menu at Bruxie a while ago, but did not have the chance to try it...until today.  I thought to myself "I am gonna go get myself a soft serve frozen custard at Bruxie!".  Yes, it was totally random, and totally worth it.  
The custard is a little thicker and denser than normal soft serves.  But then again, most soft serve ice cream are not custard base.  Bruxie's soft serve frozen custard is so rich and creamy, and is totally out of this world.  The texture is incredibly creamy and smooth, which a lot of other soft serves you can still taste the ice crystals.  The flavor and aroma is also insanely good.  You get a very strong cream flavor from the soft serve, which tells you that it is most likely very fattening, with very high content of milk fats.  BUT THAT'S GOOD!!!  It also has a very sweet flavor that I can't quite figure out, and very distinct.  Maybe it is the vanilla that they use, or a special sugar.  If you love a rich and delicious frozen dessert, this is the one.  THE ONE.  

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