Friday, May 17, 2013

*NEW* Trader Joe's Assorted Macarons

Walked into Trader Joe's last night, and had a very pleasant surprise.  They have their own macarons!!!  I was so excited!!!  Trader Joe's had their own macarons before, chocolate and vanilla, but they weren't too impressive in my opinion.  Plus, the new product comes in six flavors.  Six is better than two, simple math.  
Overall, the macarons were quite good.  Texture of the cookies was good, expected for French macarons.  Oh, sorry, that was a compliment of the product if it was not clear.  The flavors were all delicious, except one...
The box said "salted caramel", and I did not taste much caramel.  AND...I did not taste much salt, either.  It actually just tasted very "vanilla".  
The macarons were a bit small, actually smaller than the ones I've reviewed before.  I personally loved the coffee one the most.  It is quite a shame that this set is "chocolate-less".  

I give it a 8 out of 10.


  1. Where in the store are these french macarons?

    1. They are in the frozen dessert section.